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I Want My WebTV


2012 will be a pivotal year for video on the web. But no worries, those funny baby, talking dog and spunky kitten videos will continue to entertain us. Why wouldn't they? There’s an endless supply, and supply has driven demand for internet video for years. However, changes are afoot, in a big way. Web video is going to spiff-up its image. It’s put-up or shut-up time.

Production quality will be a driving force in the biggest expansion of visual communication since the Nickelodeon. (The old film viewer not the TV network) With a 100 professionally produced channels coming from You Tube this year and every website wanting to get into the video game - it’s going to get interesting. It’s no longer cool just to have a video on your website. It is more like - does this video represent our vision? Scratchy audio and shaky camerawork might have been acceptable for the "bear on a trampoline" video but for your probably isn't going to work anymore.

One of the golden rules of filmmaking is,“if you can show it, don’t say it.” Creating a strong visual message eliminates the need for an explanation - redundancy dumb-downs the meaning. The same holds true for your website, the videos should NOT repeat the same information that already exists on your site. Video can convey the intangible and generate a unique experience for the viewer - show them more.

But what about quality? Production quality is intricately linked to the message you want to communicate. Identifying the visual message will be the guiding force on booking the right talent and resources. Should it be slick, authentic or inspirational, it all depends. Or how about a colorful title sequence leading into grey, blurry video with bad sound; we see this plenty on the web and we kindly ask,“please stop.”

Strong visual communications are a balance of quality, tone and good old-fashion show and tell. No matter where you are going with your website, video can take you farther down the road.

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